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A dolphin surfing a wave on a bike using a phone with a hat on
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Waifu2x is an algorithm that upscales images while reducing noise within the image. It gets its name from the anime-style art known as 'waifu' that it was largely trained on. Even though waifus made up most of the training data, this waifu2x api still performs well on photographs and other types of imagery. You can use Waifu2x to double the size of your images while reducing noise.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is commercial use allowed?
Yes, commercial use is permitted for the generated images. You may utilize these images for any legal purposes. For full details, please refer to our Terms of Service.
Can I use the generated images for NFTs?
Yes, they can be used for NFTs.
Is there an API available?
Yes! To access all available APIs, please check our documentation here.
Who owns the output?
The generated images are considered public domain and hence, they have no owner.
Is there a copyright on the output?
The images generated by the AI are not subject to copyright.
Can I get higher resolution or higher quality images?
Currently, we do not offer images in higher resolutions or qualities. The available quality will improve over time.
Is the quality of the images suitable for printing?
The quality is generally sufficient for printing smaller images. However, larger prints might appear blurry.

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