CHMMOTv1 – Cardiac and Hepatic Multi-Echo (T2*) MRI Images and Clinical Dataset for Iron Overload on Thalassemia Patients

by   Iraj Abedi, et al.

Owing to the invasiveness and low accuracy of other tests, including biopsy and ferritin levels, magnetic resonance imaging (T2 and T2*-MRI) has been considered the standard test for patients with thalassemia (THM). Regarding deep learning networks in medical sciences for improving diagnosis and treatment purposes and the existence of minimal resources for them, we decided to provide a set of magnetic resonance images of the cardiac and hepatic organs. The dataset included 124 patients (67 women and 57 men) with a THM age range of (5-52) years. In addition, patients were divided into two groups: with follow-up (1-5 times) at time intervals of about (5-6) months and without follow-up. Also, T2* and, R2* values, the results of the cardiac and hepatic report (normal, mild, moderate, severe, and very severe), and laboratory tests including Ferritin, Bilirubin (D, and T), AST, ALT, and ALP levels were provided as an Excel file. This dataset CHMMOTv1) has been published in Mendeley Dataverse and is accessible through the web at:


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