Detect and Defense Against Adversarial Examples in Deep Learning using Natural Scene Statistics and Adaptive Denoising

by   Anouar Kherchouche, et al.

Despite the enormous performance of deepneural networks (DNNs), recent studies have shown theirvulnerability to adversarial examples (AEs), i.e., care-fully perturbed inputs designed to fool the targetedDNN. Currently, the literature is rich with many ef-fective attacks to craft such AEs. Meanwhile, many de-fenses strategies have been developed to mitigate thisvulnerability. However, these latter showed their effec-tiveness against specific attacks and does not general-ize well to different attacks. In this paper, we proposea framework for defending DNN classifier against ad-versarial samples. The proposed method is based on atwo-stage framework involving a separate detector anda denoising block. The detector aims to detect AEs bycharacterizing them through the use of natural scenestatistic (NSS), where we demonstrate that these statis-tical features are altered by the presence of adversarialperturbations. The denoiser is based on block matching3D (BM3D) filter fed by an optimum threshold valueestimated by a convolutional neural network (CNN) toproject back the samples detected as AEs into theirdata manifold. We conducted a complete evaluation onthree standard datasets namely MNIST, CIFAR-10 andTiny-ImageNet. The experimental results show that theproposed defense method outperforms the state-of-the-art defense techniques by improving the robustnessagainst a set of attacks under black-box, gray-box and white-box settings. The source code is available at:


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