Divergent Search for Few-Shot Image Classification

by   Jeremy Tan, et al.

When data is unlabelled and the target task is not known a priori, divergent search offers a strategy for learning a wide range of skills. Having such a repertoire allows a system to adapt to new, unforeseen tasks. Unlabelled image data is plentiful, but it is not always known which features will be required for downstream tasks. We propose a method for divergent search in the few-shot image classification setting and evaluate with Omniglot and Mini-ImageNet. This high-dimensional behavior space includes all possible ways of partitioning the data. To manage divergent search in this space, we rely on a meta-learning framework to integrate useful features from diverse tasks into a single model. The final layer of this model is used as an index into the `archive' of all past behaviors. We search for regions in the behavior space that the current archive cannot reach. As expected, divergent search is outperformed by models with a strong bias toward the evaluation tasks. But it is able to match and sometimes exceed the performance of models that have a weak bias toward the target task or none at all. This demonstrates that divergent search is a viable approach, even in high-dimensional behavior spaces.


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