Generalized Few-Shot 3D Object Detection of LiDAR Point Cloud for Autonomous Driving

by   Jiawei Liu, et al.

Recent years have witnessed huge successes in 3D object detection to recognize common objects for autonomous driving (e.g., vehicles and pedestrians). However, most methods rely heavily on a large amount of well-labeled training data. This limits their capability of detecting rare fine-grained objects (e.g., police cars and ambulances), which is important for special cases, such as emergency rescue, and so on. To achieve simultaneous detection for both common and rare objects, we propose a novel task, called generalized few-shot 3D object detection, where we have a large amount of training data for common (base) objects, but only a few data for rare (novel) classes. Specifically, we analyze in-depth differences between images and point clouds, and then present a practical principle for the few-shot setting in the 3D LiDAR dataset. To solve this task, we propose a simple and effective detection framework, including (1) an incremental fine-tuning method to extend existing 3D detection models to recognize both common and rare objects, and (2) a sample adaptive balance loss to alleviate the issue of long-tailed data distribution in autonomous driving scenarios. On the nuScenes dataset, we conduct sufficient experiments to demonstrate that our approach can successfully detect the rare (novel) classes that contain only a few training data, while also maintaining the detection accuracy of common objects.


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