Ground-to-Aerial Person Search: Benchmark Dataset and Approach

by   Shizhou Zhang, et al.

In this work, we construct a large-scale dataset for Ground-to-Aerial Person Search, named G2APS, which contains 31,770 images of 260,559 annotated bounding boxes for 2,644 identities appearing in both of the UAVs and ground surveillance cameras. To our knowledge, this is the first dataset for cross-platform intelligent surveillance applications, where the UAVs could work as a powerful complement for the ground surveillance cameras. To more realistically simulate the actual cross-platform Ground-to-Aerial surveillance scenarios, the surveillance cameras are fixed about 2 meters above the ground, while the UAVs capture videos of persons at different location, with a variety of view-angles, flight attitudes and flight modes. Therefore, the dataset has the following unique characteristics: 1) drastic view-angle changes between query and gallery person images from cross-platform cameras; 2) diverse resolutions, poses and views of the person images under 9 rich real-world scenarios. On basis of the G2APS benchmark dataset, we demonstrate detailed analysis about current two-step and end-to-end person search methods, and further propose a simple yet effective knowledge distillation scheme on the head of the ReID network, which achieves state-of-the-art performances on both of the G2APS and the previous two public person search datasets, i.e., PRW and CUHK-SYSU. The dataset and source code available on <>.


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