NPS: A Framework for Accurate Program Sampling Using Graph Neural Network

by   Yuanwei Fang, et al.

With the end of Moore's Law, there is a growing demand for rapid architectural innovations in modern processors, such as RISC-V custom extensions, to continue performance scaling. Program sampling is a crucial step in microprocessor design, as it selects representative simulation points for workload simulation. While SimPoint has been the de-facto approach for decades, its limited expressiveness with Basic Block Vector (BBV) requires time-consuming human tuning, often taking months, which impedes fast innovation and agile hardware development. This paper introduces Neural Program Sampling (NPS), a novel framework that learns execution embeddings using dynamic snapshots of a Graph Neural Network. NPS deploys AssemblyNet for embedding generation, leveraging an application's code structures and runtime states. AssemblyNet serves as NPS's graph model and neural architecture, capturing a program's behavior in aspects such as data computation, code path, and data flow. AssemblyNet is trained with a data prefetch task that predicts consecutive memory addresses. In the experiments, NPS outperforms SimPoint by up to 63 average error by 38 increased accuracy, reducing the expensive accuracy tuning overhead. Furthermore, NPS shows higher accuracy and generality than the state-of-the-art GNN approach in code behavior learning, enabling the generation of high-quality execution embeddings.


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