Robust Representation via Dynamic Feature Aggregation

by   Haozhe Liu, et al.

Deep convolutional neural network (CNN) based models are vulnerable to the adversarial attacks. One of the possible reasons is that the embedding space of CNN based model is sparse, resulting in a large space for the generation of adversarial samples. In this study, we propose a method, denoted as Dynamic Feature Aggregation, to compress the embedding space with a novel regularization. Particularly, the convex combination between two samples are regarded as the pivot for aggregation. In the embedding space, the selected samples are guided to be similar to the representation of the pivot. On the other side, to mitigate the trivial solution of such regularization, the last fully-connected layer of the model is replaced by an orthogonal classifier, in which the embedding codes for different classes are processed orthogonally and separately. With the regularization and orthogonal classifier, a more compact embedding space can be obtained, which accordingly improves the model robustness against adversarial attacks. An averaging accuracy of 56.91 achieved by our method on CIFAR-10 against various attack methods, which significantly surpasses a solid baseline (Mixup) by a margin of 37.31 surprisingly, empirical results show that, the proposed method can also achieve the state-of-the-art performance for out-of-distribution (OOD) detection, due to the learned compact feature space. An F1 score of 0.937 is achieved by the proposed method, when adopting CIFAR-10 as in-distribution (ID) dataset and LSUN as OOD dataset. Code is available at


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